Of Fish and Aquariums


A few weeks ago, my friend asked me to take care of her fish for a few months while she took a sabbatical abroad. I figured that there was no harm in helping her with this so I decided to take on the challenge and do as she’s asked of me.

We both agreed that for the sake of convenience we would just have her bring the aquarium to me since it would be much easier for me to care for the fish that way rather than having to drive over to her flat every day.

I have to say it’s pretty nice to be able to take a bit of a break from constantly having cats and dogs around. I mean when you are a vet for a living, a little variety is nice too.

And fish are relatively low maintenance enough that I don’t really have to spend too much time on them.

Anyway when the aquarium finally made it to my place it was just a rectangular glass box filled with water and fish. There was no environment for the fish whatsoever. So I decided that while the fish were in my care I’d at least put some aquarium driftwood in there just to keep things interesting, both for me and the fish.

Before you can put the driftwood in, there is a bit of preparation involved. So if you plan on putting some in your fish’s aquarium, maybe you will find the following information handy as I have.

Preparing the Driftwood
1) Cleaning
When I first thought about putting driftwood into the aquarium I never really thought that I would have to do a lot of preparation beforehand. But as with anything, it is always good to clean the driftwood before you put it in the aquarium.


Use a brush to scrub the driftwood clean and remove any dirt and debris still on it. Never use any chemical solvents and solutions–these will leave residue which will then poison your aquarium afterwards.

2) Soak & Cure
Driftwood will usually sink to the bottom and stay there, but sometimes there are pieces which will still float to the surface. To keep it at the bottom, you have to soak it until it’s fully waterlogged, so that the buoyancy will go away.


To do this you have to put the piece underwater (like in a bucket) for a week or two. This will allow for full and total saturation of the piece of driftwood.

You have to ensure that the water is dechlorinated. Also you will need to monitor the water occasionally to see if it needs changing. The driftwood will be ready for placing in your aquarium once the water is no longer tinted any colour (it will look like a tea until then).

3) Boil
Boiling is not necessary, but it is a good idea to boil the driftwood before you soak and cure it. It kills any bacteria and fungi in the driftwood, and also encourage faster curing.

This video shows how to prepare a driftwood for your aquarium:

Let’s Dissect Some Pet Food

What is pet food? Well, Dr G says pet food is exactly what it sounds like:

It is food made specifically for non-human pets such as cats, dogs, birds, and rodents.

A different kind of animal requires a different type of pet food, since each animal has different dietary needs.

pet food comparison chartThe most common pet foods on the market include dog food and cat food. Dogs and cats are by far the most popular pets in the world, and many people own one or two of the species for either for companionship or for work.

Working dogs include guard dogs, sheep herder dogs, and seeing dogs. Cats on the other hand, are typically kept for pest control in the event of a mouse or rat infestation. Both cats and dogs are often used for therapeutic applications, especially in hospitals, homes, and orphanages.

Our pets, especially working dogs, should be provided with the highest quality additive free dog food to make sure that they are getting the calories and nutrition that they require to be strong and healthy.

Our animal’s health is important, and failing to care for your pets is considered animal cruelty in most parts of Britain. Animal neglect and cruelty is a serious offence.

When feeding your dog, your pet food should contain a sufficient amount of meat and some carbohydrates. Dogs can eat dry pet food, or kibble, or they can eat wet food. The best type of dog food is all-natural dog food that contains the necessary ingredients for your dog’s diet. A well rounded diet for dogs consists of a high quality protein source and a grain free carbohydrates such as rice. Grain often causes allergic reactions in dogs so they should be avoided.

Different sized dogs have different nutritional requirements, so you can purchase pet food depending on your pet’s breed. Small breeds obviously need at least 50% meat supplemented with low carbohydrate foods such as sweet potatoes, lentils, and peas. They should also come in smaller kibble sizes so that your pets do not have a hard time chewing on the food.


Larger dogs need more calories than smaller ones. You can choose to feed them pet foods that contain high quality meat such as chicken, turkey, salmon, and duck.

They also require some form of carbohydrates such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, lentils, and even sea weed, for improved digestions.

All natural ingredients are the best for keeping your pets healthy.